Yung-Gi Wu


Lagrange interpolation, estimate, image enlargement


Nowadays, consumer electronics products are popular. Digital cameras have become the necessaries of life. Due to the constraints of memory size or imaging resolution, image enlargement becomes very important in the field of image processing which can raise the effectiveness of displaying or printing image at the resolution higher than imaging. When the disk space for imaging device is limited, the enlargement technique can be used to raise the resolution of small pictures. The main objective of this paper is to scale the images thereby maintaining the quality without visible aliasing or distortion artifact. Interpolation is required in a variety of image processing applications. We use the Lagrange interpolation formula to constitute an interpolation polynomial to describe the tendency of image data and to estimate the unknown data to achieve the image enlargement. We compare the proposed method with existing image processing software, and the experimental results demonstrate that our method can efficiently enlarge the image with less complexity and better visual quality.

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