Z. Zheng and T.K.Y. Chan


Computer graphics, level of detail, multiresolution mesh, view-dependent rendering


We propose a directed acyclic graph (DAG) hierarchy for view-dependent multiresolution mesh for client–server based online browsing of triangle mesh models. The multiresolution hierarchy and the selective mesh for rendering are two relatively independent units, residing on the server and the client respectively. The multiresolution hierarchy, which is a DAG of vertex-split operations, encodes all the dependent relationships between the vertex-splits, so that no extra legality checks on the surrounding neighborhood are required before a refinement or simplification operation. The DAG built by our algorithm has only a small number of redundant edges. This property can reduce run-time memory cost and time cost. We also present a method to incrementally traverse the DAG as the view parameters change. The incremental traversal exploits the frame-to-frame coherence and can produce consistent meshes. In addition, triangle budget of the client can be complied with by applying pairs of refinement and simplification operations to the selective mesh. The efficiency of our framework is demonstrated through a series of experiments.

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