E. Faggiano, T. Roselli, and V. Rossano


Educational technology, cooperative learning, metacognition


One of the basic requirements for education in the future is to prepare learners for participation in a networked, information society in which knowledge will be the most critical resource for social and economic development. Web-based cooperative learning is one of the most promising innovations to improve teaching and learning with the help of modern information and communication technology. Mathematics offers many opportunities for creative thinking and for solving non-routine intriguing problems, hence it contributes to the cultural development of citizens, to enable them to participate in the social life with awareness and critical eye. This paper presents the use of Web-based systems implementing cooperative type strategies in two suitable environments for learning math, Geometriamo and Math&Co., and the studies aiming to investigate the aspect of fostering meaningful communication and the development and enhancement of metacognitive skills. Results confirm that the use of technological support to stimulate communication has positive effects not only on the quality of the interaction, but also on the quality of the learning gain of the members making up the cooperative learning experience. Moreover, by stimulating students’ mental processes, our approach enables them to develop higher level math skills and acquire problem-solving abilities.

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