Developing Advanced Units of Learning Using IMS Learning Design Level B

R. Koper and D. Burgos


IMS Learning Design, Adaptive Learning, Collaborative Learning,Assessment, Instructional Design


IMS Learning Design (LD) is an open specification, released in 2003, to support the interoperability of advanced pedagogical designs in e-learning courses and other “units of learning . The specification supports three levels: level A is the basic level, level B adds “properties, global elements, monitor services and conditions and level C adds “notifications . Current tools for LD support level A of the specification. Some new tools are exploring the incorporation of level B, but there is still a lot of unexplored territory in this area. Also the documentation that is available today explains in detail the technical differences between level A and B, but not functionally. This tutorial paper introduces the possibilities of using IMS LD level B to develop digital courses that support collaborative learning, adaptive learning and personalisation, conditional text, runtime tracking, new forms of assessment, and the modelling of ePortfolio’s.

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