Path-Tracking and Parking Manoeuvre Control of an Industrial Tricycle Robot

S. Ben Saoud, L. Nciri, and M. Ghrissi


Tricycle mobile robot, tracking control, parking manoeuvring, fuzzylogic controller


In this work we study the motion control problem of an industrial autonomous tricycle mobile nonholonomic robot called Hercule, with particular interest in two cases of industrial use, the path-tracking and the parking-like manoeuvre. For the path-tracking application, we study and implement two control algorithms on the Hercule robot. The first algorithm is based on the linearization of the feedback state, and the second is based on the Lyapunov approach. Results of the outdoor navigation of this robot are displayed and compared to those resulting from the simulation. For the parking- like manoeuvre, we develop and implement a fuzzy logic controller that allows the final destination to be reached with the required orientation. Experimental results on the Hercule robot demonstrate the efficiency of the developed digital control system.

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