Modelling and Simulation of Nonlinear Interconnected Large-Scale Systems

F. Crusca and M. Aldeen


Simulation, modelling, complex systems, nonlinear dynamics, multimachine power systems


This article introduces a novel modular approach to the modelling of nonlinear interconnected complex systems. In the approach, a complex system is decomposed into self-contained easily identified modules to achieve easy linking of individual models. Our proposed approach to modelling differs from the traditional approaches in the following important aspects: (1) it is nonlinear, modular based, systematic, and graphical; (2) it is suitable for fault diagnosis; (3) depending on the level of complexity required, each module may be changed separately quite easily without having to change the other modules; and (4) it draws from the powerful capabilities of the widely used packages of Simulink™ and Matlab™. These features provide for a generic package that can simulate a complex interconnected system of any description and configuration, as well as simulating any kind of fault anywhere in the system by merely changing the input vector. Examples of two power systems are used as case studies, where it is shown that complex systems can be constructed and simulated easily by appropriately combining components together. The simulation studies show the dynamical behaviour of the two systems with and without faults being applied to them.

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