Thirumalaivasal D. Sudhakar and Kandadai N. Srinivas


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  24. [24] C.A. Castro, Jr. & A.A. Watanabe, An efficient reconfiguration algorithm for loss reduction of distribution systems, Electric Power Systems Research, 19, 1990, 137–144.graduate engineering students. His technical interests are in the field of power systems and machines and their performance evaluation through simulations. Kandadai N. Srinivas (M’03) received his diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering (DEEE) from Chengalvarayan Polytechnic, Chennai, India, in 1985 with high first class honors, the M.E. degree from Annamalai University, India in 1993 with first class with distinction, and the Ph.D. degree from Anna University, India, in 2004. He is currently a professor in the Electrical Engineering department at B.S. Abdur Rehman University, Chennai, India. He visited Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States during his research period to present his findings at IEEE international conferences. His contribution in the IEEE international conference, IECON 2000, held in Japan, and the IECON 2003, held in the USA, received the best contribution award by the IEEE industrial electronics society which includes a citation and fellowship. He has contributed to more than 19 international journals and conference publications. He has authored four text books for under graduate engineering students. His technical interests are electrical machines and drives and their performance evaluation through simulations and power state estimation, unit commitment and contingency analysis.

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