Gianpietro Granelli, Paolo Marannino, Mario Montagna, and Mario Innorta


Congestion management, network reconfiguration, mixed-integer linear programming


In this paper the problem of finding the optimal topological reconfiguration of a power transmission system is considered with the aim of providing a tool suited for congestion management. Network reconfiguration looks particularly appealing since it allows the relief of overloads by means of switching operations that may avoid generation or load curtailments. The techniques of corrective switching are profitably employed to formulate the problem of network reconfiguration for the purpose of congestion management. It is shown in the paper that the same optimization model employed in corrective switching can be used to solve the loop (or parallel) flow problem which occurs in today large interconnected systems. The solution of the resulting large-scale mixed-integer programming problem is carried out by a deterministic branch-and-bound algorithm included in the CPLEX optimization package. Tests were performed on the Italian network and on the European (UCTE) system. CL k ∈ CL S Ik γk ck xl Sl cl Tl M set of indices relative to branches that are candidate to opening or change over operations index of branches candidate to opening or change over fictitious power injection used to simulate opening or change over of branch k binary variables (closed branch: γk = 0; open branch: γk = 1) cost of opening branch k ∈ CL reactance of branch l branch l overload cost associated to branch l overload maximum power flow through branch l large positive constant

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