A Computational Analysis for Mass Transfer Efficiency Optimization in a Catalytic Converter

R. Rotondi,, and C. Arrighetti


Lattice Boltzmann, multi grid-refinement, catalytic converter


The main aim of this article is to elaborate a numerical technique to study and optimize mass transfer efficiency in catalytic converters. A detailed analysis is presented to demonstrate the capabilities of the Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) with embedded grids. Data from the literature were considered for the validation of the code. Results show that the use of alternated structures, leading to an interruption of the boundary layer in the channel, enhances mass transfer with acceptable pressure loss. The use of a numerical technique that permits one to describe the flow field in great detail allows us to do away with empirical formulations for the mass transfer coefficient, commonly used in the fluid-wall mass transfer modelling, as mass transfer is directly evaluated. As a result the numerical tool developed is able to provide new data for optimum catalytic converter design.

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