A New Design for Volumetric Filling Systems in Space Technology

B. Ghahramani


Systems design and development, simulation modelling, space technology, filling by weight system


In a major telecommunications corporation, a new computerized fill-by-weight System (FWS) was developed to replace the existing volumetric filling system (VFS). The new design provides a mechanism for coating a layer of filler and sealer (FS) on the outside surface of space technology products (STP). The new design accurately and efficiently prepares FS and satisfies all FS conditioning processes and STP protection requirements. As part of development efforts, a simulation model was developed for the automated adjustable container holder (AACH) part of the system. This simulation model evaluated three primary scenarios of manufacturing the AACH in one of the corporation’s assembly lines. After careful consideration and comparative analysis of the simulation results, one of the scenarios was selected for implementation. In addition to a comparative analysis of the FWS and VFS models, this article analyzes the AACH simulation models, presents a detailed evaluation of the results, and describes the selection process.

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