Modelling and Simulation of a Large Scale of Multilink Mechanisms using a Dynamic Pneumatic Controller

M. Guihard and P. Gorce


Modelling, pneumatic robots, nonlinear control, impedance control


This article presents a new controller able to ensure the asymptotic stability of a pneumatic chain in dynamic and interacting situations. The design is focused on the mathematical model of this chain, and in particular is centred on the model of the pneumatic actuators. It is based on a thermodynamic study of the air flow while keeping in mind the purposes of the controller. The controller is inspired by the computed torque and impedance methods in order to demonstrate the asymptotic stability using Popov’s theory. The application proposed is the control of a biped robot leg. This will demonstrate the efficiency of our controller because of its intrinsic functions: it has to perform dynamic motions and interact with the ground. Simulations of a complete walking cycle will show the performance of the controller in terms of position, speed, and torque trackings.

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