Hierarchial Testability Assisted Intelligent Simulation

T. Niculiu, C. Aktouf, and S. Cotofana


Simulation, intelligence, hierarchies, Divide et Impera et Intellige, design for testability


Recognizing different hierarchy types permits one to comprehensively constructively use them, to structurally symbolically object-oriented represent them, and to combine them for self-organization towards conscience. Knowledge and construction hierarchies enable the integration of design and analysis into simulation; symbolized object- oriented concepts can formally handle data and operations; structural representation of behaviour manages its realization. Testability at higher simulation levels helps intelligent simulation, as sincerity assists intelligence comprehension. Testing is an important issue, but most research is concentrated at low abstraction levels of the simulation. The objective of testing, to ensure fault-free hardware/ software or hard-soft systems, is performed on final constructs, to detect physical faults introduced during/after production, whereas verification aims at detection of design errors. A modern design flow contains high-level synthesis that transforms behavioural specification in a formal one, for example, register-transfer logic, further synthesized to production specification by a compiler.

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