Control and Intelligent Systems


2018  Issue
Editor-In-Chief(s): Prof. Clarence W. de Silva
Frequency: 4 issues per year
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This international journal publishes both theoretical and application-oriented papers on various aspects of mechatronic systems, modelling, design, conventional and intelligent control, and intelligent systems. Application areas of mechatronics may include robotics, transportation, energy systems, manufacturing, sensors, actuators, and automation. Techniques of artificial intelligence may include soft computing (fuzzy logic, neural networks, genetic algorithms/evolutionary computing, probabilistic methods, etc.). Techniques may cover frequency and time domains, linear and nonlinear systems, and deterministic and stochastic processes. Hybrid techniques of mechatronics that combine conventional and intelligent methods are also included. First published in 1972, this journal originated with an emphasis on conventional control systems and computer-based applications. Subsequently, with rapid advances in the field and in view of the widespread interest and application of soft computing in control systems, this latter aspect was integrated into the journal. Now the area of mechatronics is included as the main focus. A unique feature of the journal is its pioneering role in bridging the gap between conventional systems and intelligent systems, with an equal emphasis on theory and practical applications, including system modelling, design and instrumentation. It appears four times per year.


Prof. Clarence W. DE SILVA
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of British Columbia
6250 Applied Science Lane
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4 Canada

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