Yanlin He, Shuxiang Guo, Liwei Shi, Huiming Xing, Zhan Chen, and Shuxiang Su


Amphibious spherical robot; PID control method; co-simulation; locomotion gaits; stability


This paper used three on-land locomotion gaits and underwater swim for an amphibious spherical robot, controlled using a closed-loop method. The aim of varying the on-land gaits and underwater swim was to improve the motion performance and stability of robot on comparatively smooth terrains and in underwater environments. The amphibious spherical robot capable of moving and performing complicated operations both on land and underwater. The robot consists of two sealed transparent upper hemispheroids, two openable transparent quarter spherical shells. It has four actuating units for movement, each unit is composed of a water-jet propeller and two servo motors, each of which can rotate 90° in the horizontal and vertical directions. To control the swing angle of joint, the displacement and depth of the robot, a PID closed-loop method was used to control the robot. Adams and MATLAB/SIMULINK were used to set the control parameters of the robot, simulation results are presented for the three on-land locomotion gaits and underwater swim, in terms of the motion performance, stability, and velocity of the robot. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed methods was demonstrated by showing that the on-land and underwater horizontal motion was stable.

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