The Speed Control of Induction Motor using 11-Level Inverter

Vittaya Tipsuwanporn, Arjin Numsomran, Kowit Phipek, and Adisak Khaengsarigid


11-Level Inverter, Induction Motor, V/F Control


In this paper, control of the output voltage in 11-level inverter is presented. The inverter is controlled by using pulse width modulation (PWM) technique. A novel 11-inverter source fed induction motor drive with sinusoidal voltage and current waveform is proposed. Variable frequency inverters to high precision in order control the speed of induction motor. The current in the inverter source can be controlled as constant or vary the magnitude of inverter current reference. The propose is controlled speed and decreased total harmonic distortion (THD) of output in the inverter which it fed to induction motor with V/F control.

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