A Technique to Improve the EMI Reduction Performance of Common-Mode Inductors Used in EMI Filter Circuits

Patiwat Boonma and Werachet Khan-ngern


EMC, EMI, Common-moder chokes, Common-mode inductors


In this paper, a technique to improve the EMI reduction performance of common-mode (CM) inductors used in EMI filter circuit is proposed. By adding the extrawinding at the ground line, the conventional CM inductor can improve the CM EMI reduction performance effectively. The dot polarity of extra-winding is divided into two cases: added up or subtracted the H-field inside the core of CM Inductor. The EMI redactor performance of proposed concept is verified by the experiments. From the experimental results, it shows the improvement of CM EMI reduction performance of H-field added comparing to the conventional and H-field subtracted CM inductors.

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