Robust Interline Power Flow Controller Design for Damping of Low Frequency Oscillations in Power Systems with Wind Power Sources

Komsan Hongesombut, Thongchart Kerdphol, and Yossawee Weerakamaeng


Power oscillation, Interline power flow controller, Wind energy, H LSDP


This article proposes the robust controller design of the interline power flow controller (IPFC) in the power system consisting of the single synchronous generator connected to the infinite bus based on the modified Heffron-Phillip’s model. The controller is used so as to control the frequency robustly and to improve the power system stability due to the uncertainty of power produced from the installed wind turbine in the system. The power from the installed wind turbine is introduced into the system and treated as the uncertainty during the design process. The H loop-shaping design procedure ( H LSDP) is adopted as the design procedure in this study. The results reveal that H LSDP can achieve higher performance and more robustness compared with lead-lag compensators of which the parameters tuned by the genetic algorithm.

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