Maximum Sun-Light Tracking and Optimum Battery Charge Monitoring for Solar Panel using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network

Shaurov Dhar, Md. Raiyan Nayeem, and Hafiz Abdur Rahman


Solar Power, Solar Tracker, Battery Charge Monitoring


In the recent years, energy extraction from renewable sources has become increasingly important. Among different renewable sources, solar energy is becoming attractive for its environmental friendliness and universal availability. However, to maximize power output from a solar panel, many kinds of efficiency improvement techniques are needed. In this paper, we implemented two such techniques: maximum sun-light tracking and optimum battery charge monitoring for a solar panel. We implemented these techniques using ZigBee based wireless sensor network. The ZigBee network has become an affordable wireless solution for many monitoring and control problems. In this paper, we presented a comprehensive description of our solution approach.

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