Economic Analysis of the Potential Development of Solar Energy in Malaysia

Mohd Fauzi Mohamad Yusof and Abu Zaharin Ahmad


power economic analysis, renewable energy, solar technology


Nowadays, with the increasing of using renewable energy as an alternative sustainable energy sources in the many countries has put through an attention to Malaysia to seriously implementing this type of energy. Energy plays an important role for economic growth. The challenges facing in the conventional energy sectors such as uncertainty of energy cost, energy shortage, environmental pollution, energy supply in rural areas and green house effects have brought the solution to the usage of the renewable energy resources such as solar, wind and biomass energies. In this paper, the economic analysis of the potential renewable energy (RE) technology developed in Malaysia is presented. The economic analysis is presented by comparing the solar technology and conventional power generation. The case study shows the potential of RE can support power consumption and economical through reducing power generating cost.

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