Calculation of the Optimal Absorber Position for a Low Concentrated Solar System

Jean-Louis Canaletti, Brice Lecoeuvre, Christian Cristofari, and Gilles Notton


Concentrated thermal solar system, solar tracking, energy optimisation


We developed a hybrid solar system using several mirrored surfaces focusing (with an one-axis concentration) the solar radiation on an absorber in view to reach a fluid temperature around 150°C. The objective of this work is to determine the optimal position of the absorber-receiver for a maximal heat production: the height above ground and the width of the absorber for a given distance between the receiver and the mirror structure. The precision on the rotating angle for the mirror is also calculated. We obtained an optimal absorber height above the ground of 66 cm, a width of the absorber of 15 cm and a precision of the rotating angle of 0.1°.

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