The Effects of Different DG Generators on Distribution Network's Protection and External Fault Detection

Mohammad R. Aghaebrahimi and Asghar Hosseinabadi


Distributed Generation, Protection System, External Fault, Blinding


In recent years, there has been a fast development in the implementation of Distributed Generation (DG) due to several reasons such as remarkable growth in energy consumption, the increase in fossil fuel prices and environmental concerns. Despite its economic and technological benefits, large amounts of DG penetration into distribution grids have affected the grid's normal operation on various aspects, including voltage control, power quality, protection system's reliability and safety, etc. These effects should be studied in order to make accurate prediction and appropriate grid design. In this paper, after a brief introduction, first, the effects of DG on distribution grid will be analyzed, then, to evaluate the accuracy of this analysis, a three phase short circuit fault will be simulated using DIgSILENT Power Factory software package and the effects of DG will be studied on aspects of fault current level and protection coordination. Besides, the key parameters of DG which have the most significant effects on either grid protection or DG protection will be derived. Finally, the behavior of different DG sources like synchronous and induction generators will be compared.

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