The Analysis of Traction Substation Protection based on Centralized Computer System

Han Zhengqing, Pang Tao, and Li Maoliang


IEC61850, Traction substation, Centralized protection, Protection scheme, System reliability


With the development of the intelligent substation technology, the centralized protection attracts more and more attention of Chinese scholars. Due to the implementation of IEC61850, the development of the high-speed Ethernet, and the advanced performance of computer hardware, the centralized protection becomes a possible choice. Centralized protection simplifies the traction substation secondary wiring, and realizes real time data sharing. It avoids the repeated configuration of hardware, and reduces the space required for the installation of protection devices. Under the consideration of these advantages, the centralized protection will be the main trend for micro-computer protections for traction substations. Compared with and traditional protection, this paper discusses the schemes for the centralized protection for the hybrid dual redundant star network is discussed, and illustrates the design and reliability for these schemes.

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