Dynamic Stability Performance of a Multiterminal VSC-based HVDC within an AC Network

José A. Jardini, Marco A.B. Horita, Marcos T. Bassini, Ricardo L. Vasquez-Arnez, and Marcos R. Cavalheiro


Power System Stability, FACTS and HVDC Transmission System, Voltage Sourced Converter, Multiterminal VSC-HVDC System


This article presents the modelling and simulation results of the dynamic stability performance of a multiterminal VSC-HVDC system inside an ac network. The VSC is modelled as two decoupled sources; one fundamental frequency ac source and a dc current source. The VSC model developed was used in a HVDC grid test system and its response is shown. The results obtained indicate that the VSC modelling approach is consistent with the expected response of the system including VSCs.

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