Simulation and Evaluation of HERIC and H5 Transformerless Inverter Topologies

Muh'd I. Alzoubi, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, and Salahuddin Azad


transformerless inverter, leakage current, simulation


Most of the inverters have an isolation transformer which prevents or limits fault current between AC and DC circuits under most fault conditions. If the transformer is excluded from the system, it would increase the PV system efficiency and decrease the size of its installations, which will lead to a lower cost for the whole investment. Thus, elimination of the transformer has to be considered carefully because a galvanic connection appears between the PV arrays and the ground in the absence of an isolation transformer. The galvanic connection causes the stray capacitance between the PV arrays structure and the ground to produce a leakage current. In this paper, a review of full bridge topology with bipolar and unipolar scheme and half bridge topology carried out in regard leakage addition, HERIC and H5 topologies are simulated and leakage current in these topologies are evaluated.

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