Design of Energy-Efficient Data Communication between a Smart Meter and Home Appliances

Beomseok Lee, Sunghoi Park, Daebeom Jeong, Byeongkwan Kang, and Sehyun Park


Smart Grid, Smart Meter, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Home Network, Wireless Communication


In this paper, we investigate communication between a smart meter and home appliances. Recently, researches on the smart grid are making progress actively. Furthermore, lots of information is being exchanged between consumers and energy service providers. However, even though the most important component in this smart grid system is the smart meter, the smart meter can’t communicate with an individual appliance in a household yet. Moreover, it is predicted that the more home appliances there are in the household, the bigger load and delay grow in the future. Therefore this paper aims for reducing amount of data transmission between the smart meter and the home appliances by delaying communication period if the previous information sent by the home appliances remains unchanged.

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