Localization of Non-Technical Energy Losses based on the Energy Flow Problem Solution

Andrew V. Pazderin and Vladislav O. Samoylenko


Condition Monitoring, Power Flow Analysis, Energy Efficiency, Problems of the Power Industry, Energy Flow Problem


The issue of the identification of nontechnical losses existing in power grids due to energy metering systems inaccuracies as well as possible energy theft is shown in the paper. Localization of losses is possible by means of a mathematical method that determines energy flows distribution and losses using a grid graph. This issue is known as Energy Flow Problem. The solution of the problem is based on the energy balance equations for all the nodes and branches of a circuit. Energy flows are calculated using energy measurements to satisfy all the balance equations. A framework of the mathematical model is formed by the state estimation theory. The paper shows that a difference between measured flows values and calculated flows values determines a value of non-technical energy losses. The method is effective for inaccurate measurements identification and bad data detection. The method shows good results being proved by calculations as well as by practical energy audits of large distribution utilities.

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