A Study for DC 1500V Railroad System and Development of Railroad System Modeling using PSCAD/EMTDC

Hansang Lee, Sanggyun Kang, and Yoonsung Cho


Electric railroad system, Railroad system modeling, PSCAD/EMTDC


This paper is for modeling on 1500V DC electric railroad system. Electric railroad system has special characteristics with other electric system. One of the special characteristics is that the railroad system has electric vehicle loads which are power-varying and location-varying with time. Because of this load characteristic, the electric railroad system modeling which reflect its own characteristics on EMTDC simulation could not be achieved. However, to reflect load characteristic on EMTDC, this paper suggests electric railroad system modeling by using Train Performance Simulator(TPS) that was developed in Korea Railroad Research Institute. A TPS program has various kinds of input data, such as operation condition, vehicle condition, and power system condition. By these data, TPS calculates mechanical power consumption and location, especially it decide electric power consumption on the basis of the fact that consumed electric and mechanical power are equal. Moreover, on this paper, movement of vehicle is reflected on EMTDC simulation as variation of feeder impedance. Also, an electric vehicle load is modeled as time-varying constant power load model.

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