Influence of an Advance Control of Photovoltaic Generation System on Fault Ride Through Performance

Mohd Zamri Che Wanik, Lim Chaw Yih, Afida Ayob, Subiyanto Subiyanto, Ahmad Kamil Mat Husin, Mohd Radzian Abdul Rahman, and Azlan M. Hashim


photovoltaic generation system (PVGS), converter, fault ride through, grid fault


This paper presents a comparison study on photovoltaic generation system (PVGS) performance between two different types of power conversion topologies in riding through the grid faults via digital simulation. In the first topology, PV panels are connected directly to a DC-AC converter. In the second topology, DC-DC converter is employed between PV panels and the DC-AC converter. The second topology added complexity of control but it overs more advantages. Both topologies are subjected to grid faults; which result in voltage sags at the point of interconnection. Active power, reactive power and total current from both PVGS topologies are analysed and compared. The simulation results show that PVGS with DC-DC converter performs better where it return to steady state operation faster after clearance of faults and also the deviation of output from steady state value is less during the recovering period.

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