A Method to Analyze Solar Radiation Measurements for Any Effect of Daily Weather Pattern on the Optimum Azimuth Direction of Fixed Solar Panels

Azlan M. Hashim, Badrol Ahmad, Roslin M. Shafie, Mohd Razwan Rusli, Mohd Azwan Aziz, Jasman Hassan, and Mohd Zamri Che Wanik


Solar Energy, Solar Radiation Analysis, Daily Weather Pattern, Optimum Azimuth Direction


The well known practice for orienting fixed solar devices is to face southwards for places in the northern hemisphere and northwards for the southern hemisphere. However a frequently repeated daily weather pattern will have a significant effect on terrestrial solar radiation and consequently on the optimum azimuth direction of fixed solar devices especially for regions close to the equator. This paper proposes a method to analyze solar radiation data to distinguish any effect of local weather occurrences on the optimum azimuth orientation of fixed solar panels. An example analysis of this method on solar radiation measurements taken at TNB Solar Research Centre in Peninsular Malaysia shows that a near regular weather pattern had occurred often enough to recommend an optimal azimuth direction of installing stationary thermal flat-plate solar collectors for a proposed solar cooling system tilted facing towards east.

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