Assessment of Economic Viability of Stand-Alone Solar-PV System to Electrify Agri-Farmhouse: A Case Study

Mukta M. Bannur and Suresh H. Jangamshetti


Solar PV system, PV sizing, battery sizing, tilt angle


Availability of abundant solar energy and acute power shortage in Bijapur district draws attention to assess the economic viability of the stand-alone solar PV system. This paper presents a case study on economic viability assessment of solar PV system for an Agri-farmhouse located at Bijapur, North Karnataka, India. The economic viability of a solar PV system is carried out using life cycle cost computation based on solar radiation at seasonal tilt angle, the days of autonomy, battery replacements. The main objective of this study is to estimate the unit electric cost of solar PV system to electrify an Agri-farmhouse. It is found that estimated unit electric cost and payback period for 2-days of autonomy are highly reasonable economically viable for remote rural electrification in global perspective

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