Intelligent Reputation Tracking System for Electronic Marketplace

Ajay R. Dani and Ved P. Gulati


Seller ratings, electronic commerce, rule-based filtering, social network sites


The transactions carried out over the internet are increasing rapidly. Different models of electronic marketplaces have been proposed and many are already operational. In these electronic market places sellers offer their products and services. The buyers can search these markets for products and services required. These electronic markets and exchanges provide opportunity for the sellers to reach global customers. In the same manner buyers can search Internet and find the best buying option. It also helps them to obtain the information about different products, services and prices. However electronic market place is a virtual entity. The entities can be unknown and anonymous. In such an environment it is essential that any seller should have some idea about the reputation of anonymous identity. Usually internet sites collect online feedback from the customers and display the ratings. In the present paper we present the model of an electronic market place, which provides the intelligent rule based features for generating ratings of sellers. These ratings can be used by buyers to decide whether to enter into the transaction by the seller.

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