A New Approach of Data Conversion on VRGIS Platform and its Chemistry Application

Qunxiong Zhu, Zhicong Cai, Yanqing Wang, and Yuan Xu


Virtual Reality, Geographic Information System (GIS), VRGIS Platform, Data Conversion


Currently, the research on the virtual reality geographic information system (VRGIS) is very popular, especially on the demand of specific VRGIS platform is increasing, in which the enhancement of development efficiency and the construction of simulation scenes are the crucial problems. In the paper, a new data conversion method, named template conversion method (TCM), is proposed to converse the data from all kinds of two-dimensional GIS-data to three-dimensional VR-data (VRML/X3D/…). In addition, based on the GeoServer services, the final scene codes of TCM can be exported by integrating the FreeMarker technology. Through the demo experiment, the develop efficiency of scene construction is apparently enhanced, which provides an effective way to develop 2D maps and construct the realistic scene. Especially, in the actual application in chemical factory, some event simulation (such as explosion simulation) can be generated based on the VRGIS scene so as to guarantee the safety production.

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