Modelling and Implementation of a WDM-TDM EPON Simulator in OMNET++

Jose María Robledo, Noemí A. Merayo, Tamara Jiménez, Patricia Fernández, Ramón J. Durán, Ignacio de Miguel, Juan C. Aguado, Rubén M. Lorenzo, and Evaristo J. Abril


EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network), DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms), QoS (Quality of Service), SLA (Service Level Agreement)


It this paper it is presented the development of an Ethernet Passive Optical Network (EPON) simulator implemented in the simulation platform OMNeT++. The EPON simulator has been designed to provide high flexibility, scalability, and generality. Its architecture is based on a typical tree topology which implements several Medium Access Control (MAC) techniques, such as TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) and WDMA (Wavelength Division Multiple Access). These protocols manage the medium access control, while the bandwidth management is done by means of Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) algorithms. For this purpose, it has been implemented different kinds of bandwidth allocation algorithms, such as centralized and polling policies, also designed to properly provide Quality of Service (QoS). Thus, the EPON simulator is able to support subscriber and Class of Service (CoS) differentiation, implementing different techniques to fulfill the QoS requirements set by operators and service providers. To evaluate the performance of our simulator and validate its performance, it has been done a simulation study of the developed algorithms. The results, compared with those reported in the literature, have properly validated and asserted the performance of the developed EPON simulator.

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