Biomechanical Simulation of Growth of a Scoliotic Spine with a Single Growing Rod Attached

Osama A. Abolaeha, Rebecca M. Hoffman, and John G. Weber


Biomechanical modeling, FEA simulation, Early Onset Scoliosis, computer assisted surgery, growing rod


Early Onset Scoliosis (EOS) is a spinal deformity which tends to increase during growth. Surgical correction of scoliosis reduces deformation and improves overall function and aesthetics. A Finite Element Model (FEM) of a scoliotic spine was created and enhanced to simulate growth. A single growing rod was attached to the FEM, and the forces on the rod were measured during adjustment periods (for correction of the spinal deformity) and during growth periods. For this study, a one year period was simulated with a rod adjustment at six months. The data obtained using the model compared favorably with patient data reported in the literature.

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