Kinematic Robot Control for a Planetary Landing Mockup

Jürgen Rossmann, Christian Schlette, and Magdalena Springer


Multi robot systems, Kinematic modelling and simulation


Algorithms suitable for space missions demand for an indepth evaluation before being allowed to be set in action. Such algorithms are developed in FastMap, a research project in which maps for planetary surface navigation are build from sensor data acquired during the descent of a lander module on a planetary landing mission. We use a planetary landing mockup to evaluate the algorithms for data acquisition and map generation. The mockup consists of two light-weight robots mounted on linear axes to simulate the approach phase of a lander module by moving against milled planetary surface structures. The various automated components of the mockup are controlled by an integrated control. The control is based on a simulation and visualization system to support the detailed programming and simulation of motions before the physical hardware is commanded. In this contribution, we present the kinematic robot control of the mockup from its roots in kinematic modeling and simulation to the interface to connect to the various kinds of physical kinematics.

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