A Simple Model to Predict the Depth of Penetration Fluid Jet in Metal Plates by using Non-Dimensional Analysis and Cholesky Decomposition

Mohammadsaleh Malekinejad, Hashem Babaei, and Abolfaz Darvizeh


High rate energy processes, Explosive cutting, Non-dimensional analysis, Penetration fluid jet


High rate energy processes such as explosive cutting have many various usages in industries. These days explosive cutting process is used in mine excavations and drilling oil reservoirs. The significant point in using this process is being aware of the depth of penetration of the fluid jet in the target areas, then obtaining a model that could predict and compute the depth of penetration fluid jet sounds essential and important. To this end, a new model can be represented by applying non-dimensional analysis. Modeling, by using this method needs experimental data as an input vector as well as using Cholesky decomposition for incrementing accuracy of this model.

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