Productivity Analysis through Simulation Technique to Optimize an Automated Assembly Line

Fabio De Felice and Antonella Petrillo


Simulation, Optimization, Modelling, Multicriteria analysis


In recent years companies have been looking for effective methods to control their costs and make fast and correct decisions in a pressured, competitive, and rapidly changing market environment. In this context the aim of the present paper it to explain the results of a simulation study realized at an electromechanics company for the optimization and planning of a new production line of a particular relay. The characteristics required by the management for this new line of production were definitely binding. In order to realize such an ambitious project, a committee has been constituted, called BUA (Business Unit Automation), which has made it possible to retrieve information about lines already started up in the group in other countries in the world. On the basis of these directions, a solution for a production line has been hypothesized. A simulation model has been made of such line. Once a general solution has been determined, we have tried to optimize, through a suitable dimensioning of the buffers, the different parameters characterizing the production process through simulation techniques.

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