High Dynamic Process Control of a Large Scale Industrial Incineration Power Plant

Lukas Haffner and Andreas Voigt


Predictive control, Industrial control systems, Model predictive control, Combustion control, Grid control


Industrial incineration power plants have to provide process heat, steam and often electric energy for the production process. Due to fast unforeseeable changes in consumption a high dynamic reaction of the power plant is essential. Furthermore, high efficiency and low stack emissions are required even during high dynamic control situations e.g. rapid load changes, caused by disturbances in the production area and tertiary grid control by fast load subsidence. Using model predictive control, the power plant is able to react fast with high robustness and without instability. The presented controller fulfills multiobjective requirements of an industrial power plant for supplying a fiber board production plant and as member of an electric power control pool for tertiary grid control.

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