Advanced Telemetry and Telecontrol using Smart Sensors

Maria Charalampidou, Spyridon G. Mouroutsos, and George Pavlidis


Telemetry, Telecontrol, Human computer interaction, Mechatronics


In this paper, an innovative telemetry and telecontrol scheme is presented. The scheme, which is based on smart sensors, allows users to create and run environmental conditions control scenarios to an entirely parameterized telemetry and telecontrol system. The core of the telemetry element is a wireless sensor network (WSN), which monitors the environmental condition of a controlled environment. The purpose of this WSN is to provide data for the successful automatic management of various devices and subsystems that can be used to regulate environmental conditions. The control system is complemented by an advanced user interface to provide manual override on automatic processes. This includes a data glove (a technology taken from virtual reality), which provides the user with the ability to feed override commands using finger gestures. Under normal (fully automated) operation, the environmental conditions are regulated automatically according to user scenarios. With the use of the override subsystem, the user overrides the automatic control of all subsystems having the possibility to stop the operation of any preferred subsystem online (in real-time).

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