Experimental Validation of Lateral Vehicle Control for Autonomous Valet Parking System

Heejae Choi, Dohyun Kim, and Bongsob Song


lateral vehicle control, autonomous valet parking, dynamic surface control


In this paper, the lateral vehicle control algorithm for autonomous valet parking (AVP) is presented and its feasibility is validated experimentally. The ultimate goal of this lateral vehicle controller is to conduct two different driving maneuvers, i.e., forward driving and parallel parking in the unified approach. Thus, it is necessary for the lateral controller to be robust enough to track desired trajectories for different driving maneuvers as well as to compensate for uncertainty due to consideration of a real vehicle. With assumption of small slip angle at low speed, a nonlinear kinematic model is used for design of lateral control. Based on the nonlinear model, a nonlinear control technique called dynamic surface control (DSC) is applied to design the lateral controller. In addition, the preview idea is incorporated with DSC to make the lateral controller more robust. Finally, the proposed lateral vehicle controller is validated experimentally through field tests.

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