PI Controller Tuning based on Integrating Plus Time Delay Models: Performance Optimal Tuning

David Di Ruscio


Control theory, PI controller, integrating systems


A novel method for obtaining PI controller parameters Kp = α/kτ, and Τi = βτ, which ensures a given prescribed maximum time delay error max, to time delay τ, ratio parameter δ = dτmax/τ, is presented. The cornerstone in this method, is a method product parameter c̅ = αβ. Analytical relations between the PI controller parameters Τi, and Kp, and the time delay error parameter δ, is presented, and we propose the setting β = c̅ /α (δ + 1), and α =a/ δ+ 1}, which gives Τi = c̅ /α (δ + 1)τ, and Kp = a/(δ + 1), where the parameter a, is constant, and computed as a function of c̅ = αβ. For a prescribed δ, we find that a method product parameter = 2.0 is optimal in the sense that Ms is minimized.

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