Implementation of Genetic Algorithms in PV Modules Power Optimization: Simulations and Experimental Results

Despoina I. Makrygiorgou, Eleftheria C. Pyrgioti, and Antonio T. Alexandridis


PV module, Modeling and simulation, Genetic algorithms, Maximum power point


This paper presents a theoretical analysis of electrical characteristics of photovoltaic (PV) module. A PV module is simulated in Matlab/ SIMULINK. Thus, the I - V and P - V characteristic curves of PV module are plotted for different values ​​of radiation and temperature, where maximum power points (MPPs) traced at. Then, genetic algorithms, as a method of optimization extract tables containing the optimal value of power, voltage and current of PV module. At the same time, voltage and current of a similar panel are measured. Comparing simulation and experimental results with those of genetic algorithms we draw some useful conclusions.

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