Vector Control based PI Controllers for Variable-Speed Wind Power Induction Generators

Grigorios E. Marmidis and Antonio T. Alexandridis


Nonlinear controllers, stability analysis, wind power generation, passivity based control


A new design approach for PI controllers required at the induction generator side in wind power, variable-speed applications is presented. In this type of wind power generation, the controller tasks are to regulate the rotational speed in a manner that ensures maximum power extraction and to continuously achieve the rotor flux at a desired level. The controller design is developed in the widely used vector control frame. Exploiting the passivity properties of the system, a novel method is proposed that results in simple vector-based PI controllers’ design. As it is proven in the paper, the proposed PI controllers are simple, maintain the passivity and damping characteristics of the closed-loop system and guarantee stability and convergence to the desired equilibrium. Extensive simulations conducted under rapid wind speed variations verify the effectiveness of the design method.

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