Suvamoy Changder, Narayan C. Debnath, and Debidas Ghosh


Information security, text steganography, information hiding, textwatermarking, Indian text steganography


Steganography is the method used to hide a message inside another message without drawing any suspicion so that the message can only be detected by its intended recipient. With the other steganography methods such as Image, Audio and Video, a number of text steganography algorithms have been introduced. This paper presents some new approaches for steganography in Indian languages. Considering the flexible grammar structure of Indian languages, in one approach, we hide the secret message in the text by creating meaningful sentences after mapping the bits to some part-of-speech. In another approach, by changing the phrase structure of the interrogative sentences, keeping the meaning the same, we hide the information in text files containing Indian scripts. Also to add more security, instead of hiding the original message we have converted the original message to an irrelevant binary stream by comparing the message bits with the pixel values of an image, which may be considered as a key, and hidden that stream to a cover file containing some innocuous Indian sentences. Similarly, we have applied the reverse method to the cover file and after comparing with the Image we extract the original message from the cover file.

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