Control of Shunt Active Power Filters using Fuzzy Logic Controller

P. Prasomsak, Kongpol Areerak, Kongpan Areerak, and A. Srikaew (Thailand)


Harmonic elimination, shunt active power filter, fuzzy logic controller, and instantaneous power theory


The paper deals with the concept of the compensating current control using the fuzzy logic controller. In this paper, the voltage source inverter is used as the shunt active power filter and the instantaneous power theory is used for harmonic detection method. The Mamdani max min and the mean of maximum approach are used for the fuzzy inference and the defuzzification method, respectively. Three groups of the input and output membership function for the fuzzy logic controller are considered for the comparison of harmonic elimination performance. The simulation results show that the fuzzy logic controller can control the compensating currents to achieve the %THD of the source currents under an acceptable range following on the IEEE Std. 519-1992.

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