CrowdSim: A Model and a Simulation Framework for Dense Crowds

S. Gorlatch, C. Hemker, O. Scharf, F. Blanke, S. Westerheide, T. Priebs, C. Bartenhagen, A. Ploss, and D. Meilaender (Germany)


Crowd simulation, Distributed simulation, Multi-agent modeling, Real-Time Framework (RTF), HiDAC, Realtime simulation


The simulation of large groups (crowds) of individuals re quires creating an adequate model that takes into account the physiological and psychological features of individuals, and implementing an efficient and user-friendly simulation framework. We develop a novel agent-based model which ensures that both global navigation and local motion in a crowd are modeled close to reality. We design a simula tion framework in which the user can flexibly change both the simulation environment and parameters at run time. We implement the computationally intensive simulation of our model in a distributed manner on multiple machines using the Real-Time Framework and report experimental results on its scalability.

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