A Basic Study on Surge Over-Voltages in a Smart Grid

A. Ametani, Y. Azewaki, J. Takami, and S. Okabe (Japan)


Smart Grid, Switching Surge, Overvoltage, EMTP, Distribution System


This paper investigates a basic characteristic of switching overvoltages in a smart grid based on EMTP simulation results. It is found from the simulation results that looped configuration of distribution lines tends to produce a lower overvoltage. When a wind farm is switched in the distribution line, the switching overvoltage is lower than that due to switching operation of the main source supplied by a utility. In the case of two wind farms being switched in the distribution system, the switching overvoltage is not much different form that in the case of one wind farm. The above observation indicates that switching-in wind farms to a distribution system causes no significant switching overvoltage, and thus no sophisticated control system to connect the wind farms to the distribution system may be required.

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