Control Scheme of the DC Linked Solar and Gas Engine Hybrid Generation System for Residential Houses

C. Lung, S. Miyake, H. Kakigano, Y. Miura, T. Ise, T. Momose, and H. Hayakawa (Japan)


hybrid generation system, DC system, photo-voltaic generation, gas engine cogeneration, electric double layer capacitors


For the past few years, a hybrid generation system including solar panel and gas engine cogeneration is being introduced into residential houses. Solar panels can generate electric power at daytime; meanwhile, it cannot generate electric power at night time. But the power consumption of residential houses usually peaks in the evening. The gas engine cogeneration system can generate electric power without such a restriction, and it also can generate heat power to warm up our house or to produce some hot water. In this paper, we propose the control scheme for the hybrid generation system composed of solar panels, gas engine cogeneration and Electric Double Layer Capacitor (EDLC) which are related with the charging level of EDLC, the voltage of the utility grid which can be applied both grid connected and stand alone operation. Finally, we carried out some experiments to demonstrate the system operation.

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