Numerical Study of Disk AC MHD Generation

P. Intani, T. Sasaki, T. Kikuchi, and N. Harada (Japan)


AC MHD generator, Induction generator, MHD, Disk generator, Generator.


This paper studies the possibility to generate an alternat ing current (AC) power by using disk MHD generator with a double-sided exciting winding. Its configuration consists of a channel, an insulator and stators. The shape of channel is a flat disk, the liquid metal used as conduc tor flows inside the channel. As a channel wall, an insula tor is used to separate the metal fluid and stators. The sta tor winding is designed as the coils on top and bottom of a channel. Under this condition, it generates electromag netic field by means of time harmonics function. The in teraction between the conducting fluid and electromag netic wave can be explained by Maxwell’s equations and Ohm’s law. Its performance was performed by the finite element method. The active power is limited by the slip value. The optimized value of an active and reactive power is suggested by small slip values for s=-0.6 and small power factors. In addition, mechanical power and power dissipation in the generator are reported in term of 1-s and s respectively. An electrical efficiency is ex plained by term of 1/(1-s. Finally, the effectives of elec trical conductivity, magnetic Reynolds number and chan nel height to active power are reported.

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