Simulation based Power Quality Prediction of Jeju Power System with Wind Farms using RTDS

G.-H. Kim, H.-T. Bae, S.-Y. Kim, C. Hwang, H.-G. Lee, N. Kim, H.-R. Seo, M. Park, I.-K. Yu, J.-D. Park, D.-Y. Yi, and S. Lee (Korea)


Dispersed generation system, Power quality, Real time digital simulator, Wind power generation system


About 250 MW wind farms will be installed in Jeju power system in the near future. The capacity of wind farms corresponds to more than 35% of total power generation capacity of Jeju power system with a 150MW high voltage direct current transmission (HVDC) system. Power quality analysis is needed in this case because dispersed systems take charge of a large portion of total power generation. This paper investigates a power quality prediction of Jeju power system with newly installed wind farms. A modeled Jeju power system including power plants, transmission lines, wind farms, and the HVDC transmission system is analyzed by a real time digital simulator. The simulation results show the frequency variation during HVDC overhaul and general period. The power quality of Jeju power system is predicted by simulation results.

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